Maintaining Your Home

Love Leavenworth Vacation Rentals contracts our sister company Always There Property Care to provide all core services needed to professionally maintain vacation rental properties.  The largest headache for any second home owner or vacation rental manager is assembling a team to provide the services needed to properly maintain homes in Leavenworth's diverse and changing climates.  ATPC solves the logistical challenges seamlessly and professionally.  All services listed below are provided by Always There Property Care staff no subcontracting unless described or necessary due to licensing constraints.

House Cleaning Service
All services are critical but the cleaning services are the front line.  Staff at ATPC are tasked with returning the home back to an inviting, clean and sanitary condition after each guest departure as well as assisting in identifying potential damage, quarterly detail cleaning and the security and general condition of any property.  A properly cleaned and well stocked home is critical for the guests experience and ATPC provides the highest consistent quality of cleaning services in the Upper Columbia Valley.

Pool and Spa Maintenance
Pool and spa maintenance tailored to the specific needs of vacation rental properties. ATPC has strict guidelines and policies in place to insure that each new set of guests arrive to find clean, safe and quality water conditions.

Lawn Care Services *Service currently not available outside the Leavenworth area
ATPC provides a basic lawn care service. Included are lawn mowing, line trimming and blowing hard surfaces.  They can facilitate garden care, winter and spring cleanup but will subcontract out to our preferred vendors. 

Snow Removal Services
ATPC offers a wide variety of plow, shoveling and snow blowing services. Keeping the home’s driveway and walkways safe during
Leavenworth’s harsh winter conditions is critical to a great guest experience.

Garbage Service
ATPC offers a unique garbage and recycling service based on the guest departures. They pick up after each guest check out insuring the next guest to arrive to an available clean receptacle for their trash. 

Handyman Services
Offering a 24/7 on-call service. ATPC provides a professional maintenance program to maintain any home and on call repair services to assist homeowners should issues arise. Licensed, bonded and insured General Contractors with a trusted network of of specialty contractors.  ATPC can quickly and efficiently handle most issues that arise in residential homes.

Property Management

We offer a wide range of unique property management services for vacation rental homeowners.

24/7 Guest Services

From children’s crib rental to extra linens. What can we do to make your stay more enjoyable?

Visiting Leavenworth

Spring, summer, fall and winter are perfect times to stay and play in beautiful Leavenworth.