Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

To protect staff, community and comply with State and local proclamations, reservations before 5/4/2020 are not permitted.     

As the number of confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases increase, we've updated our cancellation policy to be more flexible for our guests. We have also added additional safety measures to our already stringent cleaning process.

Updated Cancellation Policy 

Website Bookings: Reservations booked directly with Love Leavenworth Vacation Rentals will receive a full refund if canceled 7 days or more before arrival. Cancellation fees may apply.
Airbnb: Full refund of funds paid to Love Leavenworth up to 5 days prior to arrival. Airbnb cancellation or service fees may apply.
Expedia, Home Away and VRBO: If canceled 14 days before check-in the guest will receive 100% of the amount they've paid. If canceled between 7 and 14 days before check-in, then the refund will be 50%. Cancellation fees or listing site service fees may apply. 

Cleaning Procedures  

On top of already stringent cleaning procedures, we have implemented additional safety protocols for our cleaning staff as outlined below.
  • Sanitizing high contact surfaces with an alcohol-based solution including:
    • Keypads 
    • Doorknobs 
    • Light Switches 
    • Remote controls 
    • Vacuum and broom handles 
  • Providing disinfectant wipes in each home (as long as supplies last) 
  • Requesting that any guest showing signs of being ill while in our homes inform us for the safety of our employees and so we can sanitize the home accordingly.

Is it Safe to Travel?

As densely populated urban areas experience the largest increases in confirmed coronavirus cases, it is important to minimize risks associated with air travel, large events, and crowded hotels.

It is still safe to go on vacation, but you will want to be smart about how you travel and where you choose to go. Luckily, vacation rentals minimize your exposure to other travelers.

Driving is Better than Flying

Flying involves being in a crowded environment where passengers are exposed to more germs and breathe the same air. Instead of opening yourself up to the risks and hazards associated with flying, travel in a car with a small group of people.

By choosing a vacation location within driving distance, you'll be less stressed and have more time to spend with loved ones.

Stay in a Vacation Rental instead of a Hotel

Instead of staying in a crowded hotel in close proximity to other guests, choose a vacation rental that you can have completely to your self. Not only will you have your own space and not have to worry about other sick guests, but you will also be able to cook your own meals.

Rest assured that you will have your own private space that has been professionally cleaned by our team.

Choose Outdoor Recreation over Large Events

Large events can accelerate the spread of the virus so it's best to avoid festivals and concerts. Instead, take this as an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the pleasant spring weather. Whether you choose to hike, zipline, or spend a day at the park, spring is the perfect time to enjoy the fresh air.

Since we're nestled in the remote foothills of the central Cascade Mountains, our Leavenworth vacation rentals are near many outdoor activities.

If you have any questions about our cancellation policy, cleaning procedures, or any other concerns, you can reach our office by phone at 509-548-5683.

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